There are 3 sets of Rules as follows:-

Constitution Rules on the governance of the club
Club Rules on the management and behaviour when on club waters
Match Fishing Rules


Rule 1 The club shall be called The Blunham & District Angling Club. The object of the club shall be to provide and promote local angling for club members and to protect the properties of those who entrust fishing rights to the club.
Rule 2 The entire management and conduct of the club and property shall be vested in a body consisting of a President, Vice-Presidents, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Minute Secretary, Match Secretary, Assistant Match Secretary, Fisheries Improvement Officer, and a committee of not more than twelve members. The three committee members with the lowest attendance to meetings to seek re-election at the A.G.M. the remainder of the Committee to be re-elected en bloc. Nominations for Club Officers to be made in writing to the Club Secretary prior to the March Committee meeting.
Rule 3 A Special General Meeting may be called by any ten voting members if their written request is forwarded to the Secretary giving details of items to be raised.
Rule 4 Membership is open to all, except for any persons excluded under the terms of Rule 7. No person will be able to stand for election to the committee unless they have been a club member for a period of at least 3 years consecutively. No person will be able to stand for election as an officer of the club unless they have been a member of the committee for a period of at least 2 years consecutively.
Rule 5 Subscriptions to be reviewed annually. No person shall have access to angling on water for which the club pays rent until they are in possession of a current club card. No juniors shall have power to vote.
Rule 5a Clubcards & Keys remain the property of the club and are not transferable. They must be produced by the holder on Club waters when requested by Club Bailiffs or by any other member.
Rule 6 The Treasurer will account for all cash received and a statement will be made at each committee meeting, and audited accounts will be presented at the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary shall conduct the club’s correspondence.
Rule 7 Disputes & Infringements of Rules (a) Disputes: In the event of a dispute the secretary must be informed in writing within 14 days of the occurrence. The committee shall be empowered to discuss such matters with the person/s in attendance and arrive at a decision to which the person/s will be informed within 7 days. If the person/s fail to attend then a decision will be made on evidence submitted. If the committee so decide a member could be disqualified from membership. (b) Infringement of Rules: In the event of an infringement of rules being notified to the secretary in 14 days the following procedure will be adopted:(1) The member/s will be informed in writing within 7 days. (2) The committee are empowered if necessary to suspend the member/s until the matter is resolved. (3) The member/s will be invited to attend in person the next committee meeting or submit a written reply to any allegations by a date determined by the committee. (4) Any temporary suspension can only be reviewed after (3). (5) The committee will make a final decision at the committee meeting following (3). The final decision will be notified to person/s concerned in writing within 7 days. If the committee see fit a member/s can be disqualified from membership. The final decision of the committee is binding on all parties.
Rule 8 Any infringement of these rules may entail disqualification. In the event of a dispute the Committee decision can only be reviewed after an appeal in writing has been made to the Secretary.
Rule 9 A proposed amendment to the Constitution and Club Rules can be made either in writing or by email, but must be received by the Secretary by the deadline date of March 1st before the Annual General Meeting.
Rule 10 Sub-Committees (except the Match Committee) which are formed, shall consist of the Chairman or Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum of 3 other Committee members. Such committees will be responsible to the Management Committee who shall be empowered to reject or accept their recommendations, on conclusion of their business all Sub-Committees shall be dissolved.
Rule 11 At the request of the Match Secretary a Match Committee shall be elected annually at the A.G.M. Throughout the year it will be responsible to the management body for all match and other related matters, meet regularly each month, appoint its own chairman, keep records and through the Match Secretary make a report at each monthly meeting of the management body.
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Rule 12 The Club known as Blunham & District Angling Club may be dissolved by a resolution passed by not less than two thirds of the members present and voting at a special general meeting convened for that specific purpose. Upon dissolution the assets of Blunham & District Angling Club shall not be paid or distributed to or among its members. But shall be applied to other sporting purposes within the objectives of Blunham & District Angling Club as the members shall decide.
Rule 13 The Club known as Blunham & District Angling Club is a non-profit
Rule 14 Attendance at the AGM is open to all current club members. Voting at the AGM shall only be available to those who produce a valid current club membership card on the night (Whilst also being eligible to vote as per constitution rule 4.
Rule 1 It is of the utmost importance to keep off all crops, to close all gates, leave no rubbish, do no damage and behave in a reasonable manner. Non compliance with this rule is the quickest way to lose the club’s fishing rights. Therefore any member found to be responsible for any of the following will immediately forfeit their membership and may be denied membership in the future. (a) Anti social behaviour on any club fishery. (b) Wilful damage to any club property (including locks and gates). (c) Leaving litter or rubbish of any description. (d) Defecating on the bank or any part of the fishery. Where the club does not provide a toilet it is necessary for overnight anglers to provide themselves with a suitable alternative (eg. portaloo, toilet bucket).
Rule 2 No member to light fires of any description on club waters.
Rule 3 All members when fishing must carry current membership cards.
Rule 4 The River season closes on March 14th and opens on June 16th. No fishing whatever shall be permitted between these dates unless otherwise sanctioned by the committee. The committee will review each year fishing in enclosed waters between the dates of the 15th March and June 15th.
Rule 5 No member may fish within 10 yards on a still water and 20 yards on a river of a member who is already fishing, except with their permission.
Rule 6 Specimen fish for Club Cups must be caught in club waters and weighed at the bankside. This procedure to be verified by one adult member. Date, venue, weight must be forwarded to the Club Secretary in writing within 14 days for registration. Scales may have to be produced.
Rule 7 All matches to be competed for under match and club rules.
Rule 8 Match angling to take priority on club waters on dates and venues published as per club card.
Rule 9 If for any reason a match venue has to be changed or extended at short notice then provided a notice is prominently displayed on the new venue the match will take priority. If anglers are fishing prior to this notice being displayed then these anglers are to be pegged around and not disturbed.
Rule 10 Notice boards erected shall define club water.
Rule 11 Continuous fishing of a club water by an angler be restricted to a maximum of 72 hours, followed by a break, with no return permitted within 24 hours.
Rule 12 Tackle not to be left unattended.
Rule 13 That fishing be restricted to one swim per member at all times. Definition of a Swim: The area is from where an angler is fishing to a, point halfway to the next adjacent swim on either side, and to a point midway to the other side of the lake.
Rule 14 (a) All fish are to be treated with care and returned unharmed into the water where they were caught. (b) On no account can fish be removed from any Club waters without prior consent from the Committee. Any infringement should be reported immediately to the secretary. (c) Fish Safety - Club Waters contains very large fish, all anglers must be in possession of suitable equipment for the safe handling and return of such fish e.g. large landing net and unhooking mat, please see advice on "Guide to unhooking Carp/Big Fish" Section in Club Book. Bailiffs will have the right to ask anglers to leave who are considered to be not suitably equipped to fulfil their obligation s per Club Rule 15 "All fish are to be treated with care and returned unharmed into the water where they were caught".
Rule 15 (a) Evening matches. All anglers to vacate the water 2 hours prior to the stated start time of the match. (b) Normal club matches, the water to be closed 2 hours before the draw time.
Rule 16 Anglers under the age of 12 years must be accompanied and supervised by an Adult/Lady/OAP Blunham Member and that a junior member be defined as aged between 12 and 15 years.
Rule 17 No manned boats/floatation devices allowed on Club waters except sanctioned by the Committee, (This does not apply to bait boats). No firearms allowed on club waters only with the Secretaries approval, this includes air rifles and air pistols.
Rule 19 On club waters where dogs are allowed they must be under control at all times and not allowed to interfere with other anglers, members of the public and farm livestock/wildlife.
Rule 1 All matches to be completed for, according to current Angling Trust match rules.

Rule 2 All members competing in Club matches must comply with club rules.
Rule 3 All monies to be paid into the sweepstake before a competitor can draw their peg number.
Rule 4
A small levy per club member in all club matches shall be deducted to finance trophies etc.
Rule 5 All matches shall be of 5 hours duration. Details of draw times, etc. as stated on fixture list.
Rule 6 All club and inter-club matches shall be for points.
Rule 7 Top 15 results points will count towards the points trophy. In the event of a tie the deciding factor will be on the total weight of the ten placings. A competitor must fish ten matches to qualify for the points trophy and the handicap trophy.
Rule 8 Any objection or dispute arising during a competition to be raised and settled before leaving the venue.
Rule 9 Competitive fishing away or inter-club matches to comply with the host club match rules.
Rule 10 All club matches to be pegged down with a minimum of 10 yards between pegs.
Rule 11 Club cards to be shown on request prior to the draw.